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News In a Nutshell | June 6, 2023

“Peanut Patch” Shows Promise in Treating Toddlers with Peanut Allergies

By Sherry Coleman Collins, MS, RDN, LD

The world was all abuzz recently when the results of a study on the novel epicutaneous immunotherapy (aka EPIT or the “peanut patch”) to treat toddlers with peanut allergy was published in The New England Journal of Medicine called Phase 3 Trial of Epicutaneous Immunotherapy in Toddlers with Peanut Allergy. The study was a randomized controlled trial including 362 patients 1-3 years of age and found that treatment with the patch resulted in 67% of children in the intervention group successfully achieving the primary end point (being able to eat substantially more peanut without reaction). Limitations of the study include exclusion of patients with a history of severe peanut anaphylaxis, lack of racial diversity among patients, the duration of treatment is not known and was not assessed in this study. This is still an experimental treatment available only in research settings and more research is needed. Epicutaneous immunotherapy is not a cure for peanut allergy but may reduce the risk of anaphylaxis upon accidental ingestion of peanut containing foods.


Sherry Coleman Collins (SCC), registered dietitian nutritionist and food allergy dietitian, recently interviewed the study’s primary investigator (PI) via email, Dr. Matthew Greenhawt (MG) of Children’s Hospital Colorado. Part of the novelty of this study, is that it was done in toddlers, aged 1-3 years of age. According to Dr. Greenhawt, “Growing evidence from early introduction studies suggests that the allergic immune system is more modifiable early in life.   Peanut allergy is commonly diagnosed very early in life, and fewer than 29% will naturally outgrow peanut allergy by age 6. There are currently no Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatment options for toddlers under 4 years old.”


While preventing peanut allergies remains best practice and feeding babies peanut foods in the first year of life is an effective intervention, there will still be some children who may develop peanut allergies before they are fed peanut foods. In addition, there are many children currently living with peanut allergies. Having effective options available for treatment is important. NPB will continue to follow this and other emerging research to treat peanut allergies.


See the full article.


Creating Early Intro Champions Among the Next Generation of Clinicians

In the six years since government guidelines first encouraged the early introduction of peanut foods, practicing physicians and other clinicians who work with new parents have been the primary audience for NPB’s education and outreach. More and more, however, the Board is reaching into the future to ensure physicians, nurses and others are prepared to actively champion peanut allergy prevention from their first day seeing patients.


In early May, the Society for Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) opened its doors for the first time to a non-affiliated organization when it invited NPB to participate in its annual Spring Conference in Tampa. STFM represents academic leaders from across the country who design, administer and teach in programs that train family doctors, and the conference represented an opportunity to better understand how curricula are developed and deployed. Traditionally, STFM has intentionally refrained from partnerships with groups outside of family medicine because of concerns about conflict of interest. Inviting NPB to attend, exhibit and host focus groups at this year’s gathering was a “toe in the water” for STFM. And both organizations left the three days of interactions even more bullish on the potential to work together to advance such a critical issue.


NPB wrapped May in Nashville with more than 6,500 energetic clinicians assembled for the American Academy of Physician Associates’ (AAPA) annual conference. The Board has been an official partner of the PA Foundation for two years, which provides additional access to AAPA’s top volunteer and staff and forums for engaging these clinicians who parents count on every day. Brian Bizik, MS, PA-C, and physician associate from Idaho, joined the NPB team to staff the Board’s exhibit booth. You can hear more from Brian – and get a glimpse of the ways PAs approach early introduction, by listening to this podcast.


NIFA Research Project Request for Applications Now Open

USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Competitive Grants Program, which co-funds research projects with commodity boards and other industry groups, has been a significant contributor to peanut research since 2016. Known as the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative’s (AFRI) Foundational & Applied Science Program, the 2023 Request for Applications is now open and includes a peanut topic co-funded by the National Peanut Board. The program supports research grants in six AFRI priority areas to advance knowledge in fundamental and applied sciences important to agriculture. 


The peanut topic for 2023 is: 

Using a multi-disciplinary approach (including but not limited to genetics, breeding, agronomy,

engineering, and economics), investigate the feasibility, opportunities, methods, processes, and

economic ramifications to achieve success in specialized production and processing of peanuts

for oil and meal to better align with demand in domestic and global markets for edible and

crushing uses.

a. Projects covering this commodity board topic must not exceed $500,000 total per project for research projects (including indirect costs) for project periods of three to five years.

b. National Peanut Board representative: DeMarquiné Houston (678) 424-5757 or


Applications must be submitted by August 3, 2023. More details are available here.

Published two times a year in the spring and fall, PQ brings you the latest in peanut news, food innovations, wellness and marketing.

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The Peanut Podcast Episode 18: Using Peanuts to Reduce Food Waste

Farmers put their livelihoods on the line with each crop they plant, tend to and harvest. Now imagine 40% of that crop going into the trash instead of feeding hungry people1. That’s the unfortunate situation we’re in with food waste in the U.S. But there’s a push from multiple sectors including agriculture, government, consumers, restaurants and retail to get the most out of every ounce of nutritious food American farmers grow. In this episode, we explore the issue of food waste, how different sectors are combating it and how peanuts are part of the solution on the farm and the plate through conversations with Valeri Lea of Sherman Moritz, Daniel Kurzrock of Upcycled Foods, Joanne Gendrano of Unilever Food Solutions and Alabama peanut farmer Thomas Adams. 


Read the full recipe recap here, and listen to the full episode on our website.


Thai Quinoa Salad with Ginger Peanut 

Butter Dressing

When you make this Thai Quinoa Salad for lunch, not only are you getting a protein boost from the quinoa, but you are also getting it from the peanut butter in the addictive dressing! See the full recipe for this perfect summer dish by clicking here.


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