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News In a Nutshell | November 7, 2023

Peanuts Stand Out at FNCE

(L-R): Samara Sterling, The Peanut Institute; Lauren Highfill Williams, National Peanut Board; Sherry Coleman Collins, National Peanut Board; Avery Street, BetterBody Foods; Markita Lewis, National Peanut Board; Christina Taylor, American Peanut Council.


This year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, held its annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) in Denver, Colorado, from October 7-10. The conference had over 5,500 dietitians, nutrition professionals and students in attendance. The National Peanut Board (NPB) exhibited with The Peanut Institute (TPI), Peanut Butter for the Hungry, and BetterBody Foods (BBF). Lauren Highfill Williams, Markita Lewis and Sherry Coleman Collins represented NPB; Samara Sterling and Miriam Crosby represented TPI; and Christina Taylor represented PBH at the event.


At the expo, TPI and NPB educated nutrition experts on early introduction of peanuts and allergy prevention, how peanuts fit into healthy aging and dining with comfort, with a recipe tasting of West African Peanut Stew. For this year’s fundraiser, PB For the Hungry had retro-styled “Peanut Butter is Love” shirts and raised over $4,300 to go towards hunger prevention both domestically and internationally. Avery Street from BBF showcased cookies made with their new PBfit Multipurpose Peanut Flour Baking Blend and attendees received samples of the baking blend and their original Pbfit powder. Attendees showed how much of a #peanutfanatic they were at our photo booth by posing with friends as neon light peanuts, inspired by our recent Dine with Comfort activation.


Sherry Coleman Collins was a co-presenter on a session titled “Making Infant Feeding of Common Allergens Practical” with experts Malina Malkani and Michael Pistiner, educating on practical applications of the current allergen guidelines. Additionally, this year NPB sponsored several dietetic practice groups (DPG) and member interest groups (MIG) of the Academy to continue NPB’s outreach towards RDs from different backgrounds and practice areas. We were happy to collaborate with the School Nutrition Services DPG, the Latinos and Hispanics in Dietetics and Nutrition (LAHIDAN) MIG, and the Dietitians in Business Communications DPG.


In China, NPB Promotes US Peanut Oil Potential

NPB President & CEO Bob Parker attended the International Peanut Industry and Technology Innovation Conference and 2023 International Peanut Annual Meeting in October. The conference was hosted in the city of Jixian in Liaoning Province, which is the northern fringe of the country’s peanut production area where they are introducing more mechanized farming technology.


Parker presented an overview of the U.S. peanut industry and shared ideas on how the U.S. has an opportunity to meet China’s huge need for normal-oleic and high-oleic peanut oils through new innovations.


“Large export markets like China have an insatiable appetite for peanut oil,” said Parker. “With our current production of high-quality edible peanuts, the economics don’t work for China to consistently buy US peanuts for oil. This conference was a beneficial opportunity to promote US peanuts for this use. I believe if we had more peanuts suitable and affordable for oil production, we would become more competitive in the world oil market and China would be at our doorstep.”


During the trip, Parker was accompanied by the American Peanut Council’s in-country consultant Wen Huang.


Dine with Comfort with the National 

Peanut Board

(L-R): Kaye Lynn Hataway, Alabama Peanut Producers Association; Allie Randell, American Peanut Council; Chef Marcus Samuelsson; Libbie Johnson, Alabama Peanut Producers Association; Bob Parker, National Peanut Board; Ryan Lepicier, National Peanut Board.

In October, the National Peanut Board (NPB) and 8x James Beard award-winning chef, author, and restaurateur Chef Marcus Samuelsson teamed up to bring Atlanta ‘foodies’ the ultimate peanut butter dining experience through the nostalgic tastes and atmosphere of American diners. 


When it comes to peanuts and peanut butter, NPB is no stranger to its comforting taste and nutritional goodness. In fact, a recent study showed that Americans are eating more peanuts and peanut butter since the pandemic. This rise in consumption was influenced by its taste, convenience and affordability, evoking a sense of nostalgia from childhood favorites - like the PB&J. Diners also have a rich history of cultivating unique communities around a common love of great food at a great price. It’s the memories of sharing your favorite meal with friends and family that nourish the body and fill the soul that inspired NPB to create the peanut pop-up diner experience.


Using his first-class culinary skills, Chef Marcus Samuelsson reimagined classic diner comfort food using peanuts as the star ingredient. Inspired by global cuisine and southern staples, these recipes celebrated the versatility and textures of peanuts. Some of the limited-edition recipes were the PB&J Old Fashioned, Peanut Butter Chicken & Waffles and Peanut Brittle Pudding. For five days, his restaurant, Marcus Bar & Grille transformed into a 60s-inspired retro diner to feature these nutty recipes. Local Atlanta foodies couldn’t get enough of the dishes and quickly took to social media to share their experience.


“The team and I had so much fun curating these recipes, we hope these dishes inspire everyone to find more unique ways to incorporate peanuts into their at-home cooking,” said Chef Marcus Samuelsson.


The event was covered in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Rough Draft Atlanta, Tasting Table, Fox 5 Atlanta and more. While the peanut-inspired pop-up may have only been around for a limited time, but the recipes will continue to live on for everyone try at home!

Published twice a year, in the spring and fall, PQ brings you the latest in peanut news, food innovations, wellness and marketing. Read the full issue here. For more publications from the National Peanut Board, see our Grower and Industry Communications page. To see previous PQ issues, click here.


PQ 48 includes:

  • 47 Years in Peanuts: In 2012, the National Peanut Board hired Bob Parker to take over as president and CEO. During his tenure serving the Board and industry, Parker has created a lasting impact in production research, peanut allergy advancements and more.
  • New Strategic Plan Sets Future Roadmap, Builds on Previous Success: National Peanut Board leadership undertook developing a new strategic plan in 2022. Approved by the Board in 2023, the new strategic plan sets NPB’s mission, vision and strategies up for success through 2025.
  • Grower Voices: Michael Newhouse has been farming alongside his father and grandfather in Donley County, Texas for most of his life. They grow peanuts, cotton, hay and wheat, and raise cattle.
  • NPB Changes the Conversation of Peanuts in Schools with Summer School Summit: Due to ongoing supply chain challenges and staffing and retention issues, district leaders are looking for easy solutions to matters like food allergies. While banning peanut foods initially seems like the best solution to some, more districts are realizing the benefits of including peanuts on the menu and choosing management instead of bans.
  • Peanut-Inspired Takeaways From the Next Gen Food Summit: From presentations to menu items, peanuts were the star of the show at the Next Gen Food Summit. We have four ways to incorporate peanuts into current culinary trends.


The Peanut Podcast Episode #22: Mexico: U.S. Peanuts’ Newest Top Export Market

Mexico is known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant traditions and delicious cuisine. The country has also recently established itself as the top export market for U.S. peanuts. In this episode, we explore the work the American Peanut Council has done to nurture this market, the popularity and uses of the peanut in Mexico (and the potential for peanut butter) and what characteristics of peanuts matter to Mexican buyers and consumers. Guests are the American Peanut Council’s (APC) Peter Vlazakis, Mónica Moreno Arellano from Grupo PM, dietitian Esther Schiffman and Evelyn Lopez from Hormel. Read our recap for quick a look at what we discussed in our episode or click here to listen to the full episode on our website.


Recipe: Mushroom / Chicken & Peanut 

Butter Waffles

Recipes by Chef Marcus Samuelsson

For our Dine with Comfort activation, the National Peanut Board and eight-time James Beard Award-winning chef, Marcus Samuelsson partnered to reimagine classic comfort dishes with a limited-time only peanut-inspired pop-up dining experience at his restaurant, Marcus Bar & Grille in Atlanta fit with a 1960s-inspired setting and retro vibes. Chef Marcus Samuelsson curated several delicious peanut-forward recipes that boast the versatility and textures of peanuts inspired by global cuisines and Southern staples. Try the Mushroom & Peanut Butter Waffles or our Chicken & Peanut Butter Waffles and let us know which dish you like more!


National Peanut Board Calendar for  

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