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News In a Nutshell | December 5, 2023

National Peanut Board Wins Big with 

PR Awards in 2023

This year, the National Peanut Board (NPB) was recognized by marketing, communications and advertising industry organizations for outstanding strategies and execution of their consumer marketing campaigns, receiving four notable awards. To reach the target audience of millennials and Gen Z through compelling and innovative marketing efforts, NPB developed a consumer-facing platform focused on bringing the two generations together through their shared loved for peanut butter: Peanut Better Together. Through data-driven insights and research, NPB with support from Golin, developed three one-of-a-kind programs to engage with consumers where they were by sharing new uses for peanut butter and ways to express their love of peanuts in their homes. Two of these programs, #NuttyNeutralizer and #PBYourSpace, have been honored as award-winning marketing activations. 


NPB’s #NuttyNeutralizer campaign was recognized by PRNews Digital Awards for its creative influencer marketing extension, winning the Digital Marketing Campaign category. This exceptional marketing activation demonstrated influencers participating in the PB Spice Challenge in their own unique ways and encouraging consumers to discover for themselves that a spoonful of peanut butter does have the power to neutralize the spiciest of spices. The PRNews Digital Awards recognizes innovative and industry-altering digital communicators and campaigns.


The #PBYourSpace campaign has won two awards this year, including a Golden Flame (gold recognition) from the Atlanta chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and a Platinum award from PRNews. The Golden Flame Award recognizes communications excellence by agencies and brands in the Atlanta region and the PRNews Platinum Awards honors campaigns and work that have reached the pinnacle of both innovation and industry knowledge. The #PBYourSpace campaign was acknowledged as a forward-thinking concept that brought a pantry staple into consumers’ homes through custom-designed peel and stick wallpaper. This program also received an honorable mention from the PRNews Digital Awards this year.


The inaugural Summer School Nutrition Summit event received two Golden Flames from IABC. The concept and execution of the event was recognized as well as the marketing collateral developed for attendees promoting safe, easy, and adaptable ways peanuts can be served in K-12 schools.


Hitting the Road with NPB’s K-12 School Foodservice Recipes

Elementary students at Cleveland Independent School District in Texas learned about peanuts from NPB’s Markita Lewis (left) and Chelsea Becerra, CISD dietetic intern.

In October, as part of this year’s focus on K-12 school foodservice, the National Peanut Board (NPB) visited Clay Harmony Leland Elementary School in Mableton, Georgia and Southside Elementary School in Cleveland, Texas as part of a K-12 roadshow that highlighted peanut-packed school foodservice recipes and provided a fun educational opportunity for elementary school students.


Each school’s foodservice director identified recipes to prepare and share with third- through fifth-grade students via an interactive session. Each session taught students about the nutritional value and benefits of peanuts and included a fun relay race. NPB Marketing and Communications Associate Markita Lewis, MS, RDN, and consultant Sherry Coleman Collins, MS, RDN, LD, attended the Texas and Georgia events, respectively. The range of recipes sampled included the Rockin’ Rice Bowl with Peanut Butter Sauce & Chickpeas, Savory Chicken Shawarma Bowl with Peanut Hummus, West African Peanut Stew and Peanut Butter Overnight Oats.


Each student gave a Likert-style rating and provided their honest opinions on the recipes. Overall, both students and administrative staff enjoyed the event and welcome more visits from NPB. Post-event, each school received a recap report outlining student feedback with the hopes of encouraging inclusion of peanut recipes in their school menus moving forward. These new one-pagers also provide NPB with a tool to support securing additional school visits or recipe usage in the future.


NPB Connects with Health Ambassadors

Pictured: Maggie Moon, MS, RDN.

As a part of the National Peanut Board’s (NPB) ongoing outreach to healthcare professionals, our Health Ambassadors program helps nutrition and wellness professionals with a passion for nutrition communication increase their knowledge about the power of peanuts and trending health and wellness topics. With each quarterly box, ambassadors receive updates on key health and wellness messages to share with clients or on social media about a variety of topics, samples of new and trending peanut products, and additional giveaways.


Our year kicked off with a focus on health equity and the role that peanuts and peanut butter have in nutrition programs to overcome barriers to healthy eating. In our webinar about health equity, access and early introduction, we hosted a panel of dietitians in different specialties who address health equity in their work - Shamera Robinson, Sherry Coleman Collins, Cindy Culver and Clancy Harrison. Together they touched on school nutrition, allergy prevention, overcoming provider bias, and social determinants of health.


Healthy aging and brain health were the focus of our summer activation. Brain health nutrition expert Maggie Moon spoke with our ambassadors about the latest research on the role that nutrition plays in healthy brain aging and its impact on cognitive and mental health. She also discussed the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay diet (MIND diet) with practical tips for dietitians to consider when giving nutrition counseling to clients.


To close out the year, the winter activation will focus on the holidays and dining with comfort. NPB staff members will gather and talk about holiday memories, favorite foods, and how peanuts can be used in recipes that are great at gatherings or can be quick and easy holiday gifts!


In our activation boxes, we have featured products from brands including Hampton Farms, PB Fit and Bobo’s. Ambassadors have also received the book Zero Waste Cooking for Dummies! by Rosanne Rust, MS, RDN.


Celebrate Record-Breaking Peanut Butter Consumption Beyond PB Lovers Month

National Peanut Butter Lovers Month in November may be over but high consumption and menu versatility are two reasons to continue to celebrate. Per capita consumption of peanut butter reached an unprecedented 4.4 pounds in 2023, according to recent data from USDA and the U.S. Census Bureau. Total peanut per capita consumption remains high and stable at 7.7 pounds.


“Increasing demand and consumption of U.S.-grown peanuts is a priority for the National Peanut Board,” said NPB President and CEO Bob Parker. “The entire industry has played a role in achieving these remarkable levels and should be proud.”


“NPB’s marketing and promotion work has focused on instilling a love of peanuts and peanut products in younger generations, making headway against barriers like peanut allergy and investing in production research for growers to produce more peanuts with fewer inputs,” said NPB SVP and CMO Ryan Lepicier. “As we see the high per-capita consumption levels reached during the pandemic continue to hold steady, and exceptional peanut butter growth this past year, demand for U.S. peanuts is as strong as it’s ever been.” Lepicier will serve as NPB’s president and CEO beginning Jan. 1, 2024.


Read the full article here.

Happy Holidays from the National Peanut Board.


Episode 23: Bob Parker – 47 Years in Peanuts

In 2012, the National Peanut Board hired Bob Parker to become the Board’s second president and CEO. Parker grew up on a peanut farm, worked for Golden Peanut Company and had close to 40 years of experience. While some may have initially been hesitant that a former sheller could have the best interests of farmers at heart, Bob’s integrity and strong relationships across sectors showed that he absolutely did. As we approach the end of Bob's 11 year-tenure at NPB, we highlight his key accomplishments and future thoughts, talk to colleagues who have become true friends and share insights into choosing a successor.


This episode features interviews with Parker; food allergy advocate Mary Jane Marchisotto; American Peanut Council Vice President and European Marketing Director Louise McKercher; NPB Chairman and Virginia peanut grower Paul Rogers; and executive search consultant Garland West.


Listen to the full episode on December 12.


Recipe: Reindeer Peanut Butter Blossoms

Photo and recipe by: Like Mother Like Daughter

Looking for a festive way to spice up your cookies? Try the new viral reindeer peanut butter blossoms. This adorable spin on a classic cookie will bring a smile to anyone's face. See one of the many takes on the trend here.


The National Peanut Board posted a job listing for the Vice President of Marketing and Communications position on LinkedIn. Find more information by clicking here.


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